The Emotional Cup

We all have within our brains the capacity to absorb good and bad emotions. When our emotional capacity is full of negative emotions further negative emotions result in an overspill which is seen in the form of a variety of behaviour. Look at the diagram below.

In our lives we experience a lot of hurt which can accumulate if not dealt with at the time. The hurt is harder to deal with when it comes from those we dont expect to hurt us such as family member, partners, teachers and other people who we trust.(See section on forgiveness)

We tend to focus on dealing with the SYMPTOMS of the full emotional cup which will provide only temporary respite (eg pills for dealing with depression,sleeping pills, addiction programmes etc)when instead we need to focus on dealing with the CAUSES which will stop the cup overflowing in the first place.


If you are hurting you will need comforting
If you are angry you need to forgive
If you feel guilty you need to apologise
If you experience low self esteem or a sense of false guilt you need to hear the truth spoken to you. For example you may be accused of being useless. Fine you may have failed in one specific point, like everyone else, but that does not make you useless in general. You need to hear positive messages rather than blanket condemnation.
If you are fearful you need to receive love
If you are stressed you need to receive support


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